-25°C Freezers


innoTECH -25°C freezers are high quality and low cost freezers with stable performance. These are
equipped with international refrigeration system, which is high-efficiency and environmental friendly.
The well-developed audible & visual alarm system and built-in door gasket is dustproof and easy to
clean. These freezers are designed for scientific research, laboratory and medical grade and best for
storage of special materials, blood plasma, vaccines and biological products. Suitable for use in research
institutions, industry, hospitals and laboratories. The (inno-25460) freezer is designed with two
compressors and two chambers, which allows you to control the upper chamber and lower chamber
The condenser installed on the bottom ensures temperature stability and system reliability. The highprecision computerized temperature control system ensures an adjustable temperature within a range
from -10℃ to -25℃ inside the cabinet.

-25°C Freezer-280L

-25°C Freezer-460L


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